About the movement



Ekowise is an independent and open movement based on a connection of eco and artistic activism which operates through activities of artists in correspondence with nature. Imagine a freedom of innovation and artwork creation which serves not only as craftwork exhibit or short-term hit, but as an act or a piece through which you directly influence changes around you.
We believe that the wish of every creative mind to make a positive breakthrough is one worth the public’s attention and a result of real value to nature and humanity. Moreover, we believe that each and every one of us, regardless of how ambitious this may sound, wants to change the world and be a downright part of that change.

Simple way


We know that the artists, every since the beginnings, used the very nature as a media of expression. They communicated and conveyed stories, history and emotions. Even though the ways of expression somewhat changed, the essence remained the same. Communication is perfected day after day, the creations of human hands are ever more impressive, the world is expanding, however, have our channels substantially evolved, respectively, are the expected results and changes enough?
We asked ourselves which is the shortest way to the answers to these questions and we concluded that we already have them but what we lack is the very key matter from the very beginning and that is connection. A simple way to change called Ekowise.



Ekowise’s purpose is to connect seemingly incompatible things, untamed creative and free human nature and the environment as the basis of everything into one open ecosystem. We like to think that the Earth is a big atelier, infinite inspirational creative space enriched with human imagination. Such studio requires its artists. Let us connect you with our foundations and lead you a step further in attempts to change the world and consciousness towards something better.



Ekowise Goals




Main Goals



· “Green” art as a messenger of humanities’ consciousness
· Fusion of creativity and eco innovation within positive tendencies
· Intelligent, transparent, and rational use of natural resources
· Sustainability and continuance of the movement
· Open source ideology







Ekowise strives to link eco aware artists, art communities, and projects which, through their activities, want to contribute to preservation and improvement of the environment.
By linking and connecting these individuals, communities, and projects into one global network we want to create a dynamic environment capable of influencing and improving human habits, aspirations, and everyday relationship towards environment, but also to gift the world with a new dimension of artwork created in fusion with nature and natural elements.




"Art will never be able to exist without nature."

Pierre Bonnard 



Press material

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    Design guides

    Ekowise multiformat (AI, EPS, PDF, PNG) logotype and design / branding guides.


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    Press documents

    Basic movement informations and promo ducuments (website texts included) .


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    Promo materials

    Print and web graphic ready, multipurpose posters created by Ekowise network artists.


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    All in one promo pack

    All materials (design guides, logotypes, press texts and posters) collected in one pack.


Join the movement

If you really wish to make change, no less ambitious than change of the world or consciousness of humanity towards something better – you now have the unique opportunity! Whether you’re an artist / art group, ecologist / eco community /organization, or simply an eco conscious individual, you can regularly contribute to the spread of your own ideas, the spread of common wave of consciousness. For starters, as an individual, look at the world from the point of view of a person which by everyday acts improves itself, society, and nature without harmful or negative side-effects on any of the three mentioned elements. If you are willing to help the evolution of our movement, the least you can do is spread the word and info about this project to your circle of friends, associates, as well as through internet, that is social web networks. In case you have specific ideas and suggestions you can contact us.